EOS Series Audio system with neodymium driver big power speaker

Application: Various high-end KTV rooms, luxurious private clubs.

Sound performance: The treble is naturally mellow, the intermediate frequency is thicker, and the low frequency is abundant and powerful;

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EOS series 10/12-inch high-efficiency high-power woofer, 1.5-inch ring-shaped polyethylene diaphragm NdFeB compression tweeter, cabinet use 15mm splint, surface treated with wear-resistant paint.

80° x 70° coverage angle achieves a uniform smooth axial and off-axis response.

Frequency-division technology is designed to optimize frequency response and improve mid-range vocal performance.

Product model: EOS-10

System type: 10-inch, 2-way, low frequency reflection

Configuration: 1x10-inch woofer (254mm) / 1x1.5-inch tweeter (38.1mm)

Frequency response: 60Hz-20KHz(+3dB)

Sensitivity: 97dB

Nominal impedance: 8Ω

Maximum SPL: 122dB

Power rated: 300W

Coverage angle: 80° x 70°

Dimensions(HxWxD): 533mmx300mmx370mm

Net weight: 16.6kg

Technical parameter a

Product model: EOS-12

System type: 12-inch, 2-way, low frequency reflection

Configuration: 1x12-inch woofer (304.8mm) / 1x1.5-inch tweeter (38.1mm)

Frequency response : 55Hz-20KHz(+3dB)

Sensitivity: 98dB

Nominal impedance: 8Ω

Maximum SPL: 125dB

Power rated: 500W

Coverage angle: 80° x 70°

Dimensions(HxWxD): 600mmx360mmx410mm

Net weight: 21.3kg

Technical parameter

High room KTV project, EOS-12 owns advantages of sing easily and good mid frequency, perfect interpretation of the charm of acoustics!



In the face of import problems, besides quality, would you hesitate to have one more problem-packaging. During long-distance transportation, you are afraid that poor packaging will cause damage to the speaker products. You can rest assured about this problem. Our cartons are made of imported kraft paper with a thickness of 7 layers. The outer boxes are covered with a plastic bags or stretch film to avoid getting wet, damp, and dirty during transportation so that will not restrict the secondary sales. Larger subwoofers can be packed by wooden pallet to avoid collision and damage during handling because of excessive weight.The purpose is to protect the speakers and present the best image and sound to our customers. Products are our foundation, and sound is our soul. Don’t forget At first, strive for diligence!


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