• F-200-Smart Feedback Suppressor

    F-200-Smart Feedback Suppressor

    1.With DSP 2.One key for feedback suppression 3.1U,suitable to install into equipment cabinet


    Meeting Rooms,Conference Halls,Church,Lecture Halls,Multifunctional Hall and so on.


    ◆Standard chassis design, 1U aluminum alloy panel, suitable for cabinet installation;

    ◆High-performance DSP digital signal processor, 2-inch TFT color LCD screen to display status and operation functions;

    ◆New algorithm, no need to debug, the access system automatically suppresses howling points, accurate, reliable and easy to use;

    ◆Adaptive environmental whistle suppression algorithm, with spatial de-reverberation function, sound reinforcement will not amplify reverberation in reverberation environment, and has the function of suppressing and eliminating reverberation;

    ◆Environmental noise reduction algorithm, intelligent voice processing, reduce In the process of voice reinforcement, non-human noise can improve speech intelligibility and achieve intelligent removal of non-human voice signals;