X-215 Dual 15-inch two-way full-range big watts speaker mobile performance sound system

  • Product model: X-215
  • System type: Two-way full-range speaker
  • Power rated: 750W
  • Frequency response: 40Hz-18KHz
  • Sensitivity: 100dB
  • SPL: 135dB (peak)
  • Nominal impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Coverage angle: 100°(H)×40°(V)
  • Dimensions(WxHxD): 510×1250×500mm
  • Net weight: 56.5Kg
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    2×15-inch ferrite woofer (190 magnetic 75mm voice coil)

    1×2.8-inch ferrite tweeter (170 magnetic 72mm voice coil)


    X-215 speakers can be used for venue sound reinforcement and various types of performance activities;

    Dual 15-inch low-frequency woofers and a 2.8-inch titanium film compression tweeter are installed in a 100°x40° constant directivity horn, the sound reproduction is true, smooth, delicate, and good transient response;

    The cabinet is made of 18mm high-density board, and two pulleys are installed at the bottom of the speaker, which is very convenient to carry;

    During the performance, a pair of X-215 and a high-power amplifier can play extremely high sound pressure music and powerful bass;

    It is especially suitable for outdoor sound reinforcement system, indoor SHOU bar, slow rocking bar and fixed installation system.


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