KTS-800 10-inch three-way five units full range KTV entertainment speaker

  • Model: KTS-800
  • System type: Three-way five-unit
  • Power rate: 200W
  • Peak power: 400W
  • Frequency response: 40Hz-18KHz
  • Nominal Impedance:
  • Sensitivity: 92dB
  • Maximum SPL: 119dB
  • Net weight: 12kg
  • Dimensions(WxHxD): 520×298×275mm
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    KTS-800 equipped with 10-inch lightweight and high-power woofer, 4×3-inch paper cone tweeters, which has strong low-frequency strength, full mid-frequency thickness, and transparent mid- and high-frequency vocal expressiveness. The surface is treated with black wear-resistant skin; it has uniform and smooth axial and off-axis response, avant-garde appearance, steel protective fence with dust-proof surface net. The precisely designed frequency divider can optimize the power response and the expressive power of voice part, and the unique sound protection technology can effectively protect the high-frequency driver and avoid interruption due to power overload.

    10-inch three-way five units full range KTV entertainment speaker


    1. High-density MDF board with seamless joint structure makes the sound more stable and natural

    2. The low frequency is full and flexible, the vocal magnetism is rich, thick and full, transparent, bright, soft and powerful

    3. Enter the Microphone easily. The medium frequency is round and powerful, and the high frequency is soft and delicate.

    4. The special reinforced structure inside the box reduces the energy internal consumption of the box.


    High-end KTV private rooms, Self-service KTV, Nightclubs, The super KTV audio combination that can really sing and Hi.

    10-inch three-way five units full range KTV entertainment speaker a

    20~30sqm rooms whole set match sound system recommendation as following:


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