AD-6210 Dual 10-inch three-way six units full range speaker big watts home entertainment speaker system

Model: AD-6210

Power rated: 350W

Frequency response: 40Hz-18KHz

Configuration: 2×10” LF drivers, 2×3” MF drivers, 2×3”HF drivers

Sensitivity: 98dB

Nominal Impedance: 4Ω

Dispersion: 120°× 100°

Dimensions(WxHxD): 385×570×390mm

Net weight: 21.5kg

Color: Black/White

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Dual 10-inch Three-way Speaker


AD-6210 is a dual 10-inch three-way full-range speaker with high efficiency and superior performance. Professional and atmospheric cabinet, 6-unit design, it is currently the most units used speaker among TRS entertainment speakers. Using two high-power 10-inch woofers, two silk sides MF drivers, two high UHF drivers. MF drivers and tweeters respectively arranged in the left and right sides of 30°, a small mutual interference between the loudspeakers, low phase distortion, wide directivity. HF, MF and LF units carry out their duties, the sound is soft and delicate, with a strong sense of layering, three-frequency in place, low-frequency has good extension with diving, flexible, fast transient response, wide sound field and sound range, and the sound reproduction is very real and natural. The thick and clear microphone sound displayed by AD-6210 is the excellent effect we have been pursuing for KTV sound reinforcement. It achieves high sound pressure output while suppressing feedback well, and has a strong sense of presence and extreme good clarity and balance. The entire speaker system can withstand 350W input power and is not easily damaged. Regardless of whether it is placed horizontally or vertically, the 120°x 100° coverage angle can provide uniform and flat coverage.


mainly used in high-level entertainment rooms, luxury rooms, home KTV and other places.

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