LIVE-2.18B 1800W pro audio power amplifier high power amplifier for performance

LIVE-2.18B is equipped with two input jacks and output jacks Speakon, it can adapt to a wide range of uses and the requirements of various installation systems.

There is a temperature control switch in the transformer of the device. If there is an overload phenomenon, the transformer will heat up. When the temperature reaches 110 degrees, the thermostat will automatically shut down to control the temperature and play a good protective role.

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Product model: LIVE-2.18B

Output power: 8Ω stereo output power: 1800W

4Ω stereo output power: 2920W

2Ω stereo output power: N/A

8Ω bridge connection: 5840W

4Ω bridge: N/A

Performance gain: 42.3dB

Signal-to-noise ratio: >80dB

Conversion speed: 20V/μs

Damping coefficient: >200@8Ω

Frequency response: +/-0.5dB, 20Hz+20KHz

Resolution: 80dB

THD: 0.05%

Function: low pass, stereo mode, grounding switch, sensitivity

Input impedance: 10K/20K ohurs, unbalanced or balances

Output socket: 4-POLE Speakon per channel and a pair of binding posts

Output to circuit type: 3 STEPS CLASS

Protection function: peak clipping voltage limit, short circuit, overheating, DC protection, soft start protection

Power switch/volume: on/off on the front panel, -80dB-0dB variable on the front panel

Indicator light: LED on the front panel

Power supply: ~220V +/-10% 50Hz

Static power loss: <60W

Cooling method: 2 temperature-controlled high-speed fans strong cooling air, air flow flows from the front to the back

Weight: 16.7kg

Dimension(LxDxH): 483x345x88mm

The product is equipped with a LIMITER switch, you can select LIMITER ON and OFF under the premise that the system signal is stable to improve the acoustic effect.

This product has a good built-in DC protection (±1.5V), which can effectively protect the loudspeaker.

Each channel has its own SIGNAL and CLIP indicators.

When the protection circuit of each unit is activated, the PROTECTION indicator lights up and the sound output stops automatically. For example, if the working temperature of the power amplifier increases, the PROTECTION indicator will light up.

Variable-speed low-noise fans ensure high reliability. When the power is turned on initially, the fan rotates slowly, but when the heat sink temperature exceeds 50°C (122°F), it will automatically start. When the temperature changes, the fan speed will automatically adjust accordingly.

The large-surplus transformer of the device selects a silicon steel core with ultra-low excitation current to ensure the strong heart of the product, and save energy, and it is green and environmentally friendly.


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