AX SERIES 800W powerful professional stereo amplifier

AX series power amplifier, with unique power&technology, which can provide the largest and most realistic headroom optimization and stronger low-frequency driving ability for the speaker system under the same conditions as other products; the power level matches the most commonly used speakers in the entertainment and performance industries.

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Through a single modular integrated design, the power supply and the amplifying circuit are integrated into one board, and with the newly designed equal area, short path, short wind path, and wave-shaped radiator structure, To the greatest extent, avoid the faults caused by the connecting lines between the lines, improves the overall heat dissipation efficiency, reduces the weight of the whole machine, reduces the volume of the product, realizes a lower product operating cost for transportation and installation, and realizes the perfect combination of product economy and reliability.

All series of products use the power tube directly attached to the radiator design, with equal area, short-range heat dissipation structure, can more effectively reduce the temperature of the power tube and improve product stability.

Using XLR input and parallel interface. The output uses two audio interfaces, NL4 Speakon and binding posts.

Dual-channel and parallel mode are selectable.

The exhaust air cooling system from front to back.

Adopt ACL clipping protection and indication circuit to ensure the maximum dynamic range of the signal, with short circuit protection, DC protection, overheating protection, infra sound protection, etc. ensure the stability and effect of the product.


Model AX-215 AX-225 AX-235
8Ω,2 channels 400W 600W 800W
2 channels 550W 820W 1100W
8Ω,1 channel bridge N/A N/A N/A
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz/±0.5dB(1W)
THD <0.08%(-3dB Power 8Ω/1KHz)
SNR >90dB
Input sensitivity 0.775V(8Ω)
Output circuit Frequency Frequency Frequency
Damping coefficient >380(20-500Hz/8Ω)
Conversion rate >20V/S
Input impedance Balanced 20KΩ,unbalanced 10KΩ
Output type AB 2H 2H
Protection Soft start, short circuit, DC, overheating, radio frequency interference, pressure limit, turning on /off mute protection, etc.
Power supply requirements AC200-240V/50Hz
Weight 13Kg 15.5Kg 16.5Kg
Dimension 483×88×(300+35)mm

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