DAP SERIES Four in eight out channels digital audio processor

DAP Series Processor

Ø Audio processor with 96KHz sampling processing, 32-bit high-precision DSP processor, and high-performance 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, guaranteeing high sound quality.

Ø There are multiple models of 2 in 4 out, 2 in 6 out, 4 in 8 out, and various types of audio systems can be combined flexibly.

Ø Each input is equipped with 31-band graphic equalization GEQ+10-band PEQ, and the output is equipped with 10-band PEQ.

Ø Each input channel has the functions of gain, phase, delay, and mute, and each output channel has the functions of gain, phase, frequency division, pressure limit, mute, and delay.

Ø The output delay of each channel can be adjusted, up to 1000MS, and the minimum adjustment step is 0.021MS.

Ø Input and output channels can realize full routing, and can synchronize multiple output channels to adjust all parameters and channel parameter copy function


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Ø The slope of the variable high/low pass filter can be set, among which Bessel and Butterworth are set to 12dB, 18dB, 24dB per octave, Linkwitz-Riley ) Can be set to 12dB, 18dB, 24dB, 36dB, 48dB per octave.

Ø Each machine can be stored according to user needs, up to 12 user programs can be stored.

Ø Equipped with a panel operation lock to prevent disordered working conditions caused by misoperation.

Ø There are multiple control methods of USB, RS485 and RS232, which can be cascaded through the RS485 interface, and are equipped with an RS232 serial port, which can be remotely edited and controlled by a third party.

Product model DAP-2040III DAP-2060III DAP-4080III
Input/output channel 2 in 4 out 2 in 6 out 4 in 8 out
Input channel
Mute: Each channel has a separate mute control; Delay: Adjustable range: 0-1000ms Polarity: In-phase & anti-phase
Equalization: Each input channel has 31 bands of GEQ and 10 bands of PEQ. Under PEQ state, the adjustment parameters are: center frequency point: 20Hz-20KHz, step: 1Hz, gain: ±20dB, step distance: 0.1dB.Q Value: 0.404 to 28.8
Output channel
Mute Individual mute control for each channel
mixing Each output channel can select different input channels individually, or any combination of input channels can be selected
Gain Adjustment range: -36dB to +12dB, step distance is 0.1dB
Delay Each input channel has a separate delay control, the adjustment range is 0-1000ms
polarity In-phase & anti-phase
Balance Each channel can be set to 10 bands of equalization, with PEQ/LO-shelf/Hi-shelf optional
Divider Low-pass filter (LPF), high-pass filter (HPF), filter type (PF Mode): LinkwitzRiley/Bessel/Butterworth, crossover point: 20Hz-20KHz, attenuation slope: 12dB/oct, 18dB/oct, 24dB/ oct, 48dB/oct;
Compressor Each output channel can set the compressor separately, the adjustable parameters are: Threshold: ±20dBμ, Step: 0.05dBμ, Starting time: 03ms-100ms, <1ms Step: 0.1ms; >1ms, Step:: 1ms, release time: 2 times, 4 times, 6 times, 8 times, 16 times, 32 times the starting time
Processor 255MHz main frequency 96KHz sampling frequency 32-bit DSP processor, 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion
Display 2X24LCD blue backlight display settings, 8-segment LED display input/output level display;
Input impedance Balance: 20KΩ
Output impedance Balance: 100Ω
Input range ≤17dBu
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz(0~-0.5dB)
Signal-to-noise ratio 110dB
Distortion 0.01%     Output=0dBu/1KHz
Channel separation 80dB(1KHz)
Gross weight 5kg
Package dimensions 560x410x90mm

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