X-108 8 channels output intelligent power sequencer power management

  • Rated output voltage: AC 220V.50Hz
  • Controllable power supply: 8 channels plus 2 output auxiliary channels, 10chs
  • Delay time of each channel action: 0-999 seconds
  • Power supply: AC220V 50/60Hz 30A
  • Status display: 2-inch color LCD real-time display of current voltage, date, time, status of each switch
  • Single-channel rated output current: 13A
  • Rated total output current: 30A
  • Timer function:: y
  • Gross weight: 6KG
  • Package dimension: 52*400*85MM
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    Specially equipped with 2 inch TFT LCD display screen, easy to know the current channel status indicator, voltage, date and time in real time.

    It can provide 10 switching channel outputs at the same time, and the delay opening and closing time of each channel can be set arbitrarily (range 0-999 seconds, unit is second).

    Each channel has an independent Bypass setting, which can be ALL Bypass or separate Bypass.

    Exclusive customization: timer switch function. Built-in clock chip, you can customize the date and time of the switch according to the needs of the project, intelligent without manual operation.

    MCU control, truly intelligent design, with multiple control methods and control interfaces. Meet system integration requirements.

    In order to adapt to the centralized control requirements of the system, we provide an open serial port communication protocol and a flexible PC control software. You can use a PC to program and control one or more machines via the RS232 port to meet Your system control needs.

    With a keyboard lock (LOCK) function to prevent misoperation and facilitate user management.

    Special professional filter function to purify system power supply. Eliminate the electromagnetic interference between systems (especially the electromagnetic interference of the lighting system) to ensure the stability of the system, and it also has a significant effect on improving the sound quality of the audio system.

    Support cascading sequence control of multiple devices, cascading automatic detection settings.

    Configure RS232 interface, support external central control equipment control.

    Each device comes with its own device code ID detection and setting, which can realize remote centralized control.
    10 sets of device switch scene data save/recall, the scene management application is simple and convenient.

    At the same time, the machine is also equipped with automatic detection functions for underpressure and overpressure. If the pressure is overpressured, the alarm will be prompt in time to ensure the safety of the system and give you peace of mind!


    The timing device used to control the on/off of the equipment is one of the indispensable equipment in various audio engineering, TV broadcasting systems, computer network systems and other electrical engineering, and multi-functional intelligence is the direction of its future development.

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