LIVE-200 Professional portable wireless microphone set wireless lapel microphone system

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Frequency range:  740—800MHz

Adjustable number of channels:  100×2=200

Vibration mode:  PLL

Frequency synthesis frequency stability: ±10ppm;

Receiving mode: superheterodyne double conversion;

Diversity type: dual tuning Diversity automatic selection reception

Receiver sensitivity:  -95dBm

Audio Frequency Response :  40–18KHz

Distortion:  ≤0.5%

Signal to Noise Ratio:  ≥110dB

Audio output:  Balanced output and unbalanced

Power supply:  110-240V-12V 50-60Hz(Switching Power Adapter)


Frequency range:  740—800MHz

Adjustable number of channels:  100X2=200

Vibration mode:  PLL

Frequency Stability:  ±10ppm

Modulation:  FM

RF power: 10–30mW

Audio Frequency Response:  40–18KHz

Distortion:  ≤0.5%

Battery:  2×1.5V AA Size

Battery Life:  8—15 hours

Binding settings:

Binding settings

1. Channel display: display the currently used channel;

2. B.CH is the abbreviation of channels;

3. Frequency display: display the currently used frequency;

4. MHZ is the frequency unit;

5. PILOT is the pilot frequency display,Signal displayed when received  transmitter; 

6.8 level RF level display: display the received RF signal strength;

7.8 level audio level display: display the size of the audio signal;

8. Diversity display: automatically display the currently used antenna I or II;

9. MUTE is mute display: when this light is on, it means that the radio frequency signal is received;

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